Online dating sites are the creepiest fads to come along in a while

Online dating sites are the creepiest fads to come along in a while

I think that online dating sites and services are preying on the lonely and trying to sell them unrealistic expectations. If you are the type of person that bases a great deal of importance on how someone looks, then perhaps picking a potential date by their picture works for you. The only question is – how long does it work? If you are only interested in the physical or surface qualities of a person, they are you really looking for a long-term mate or just someone to mate with this weekend?

Are online dating sites really just pimping services for people who are looking for some action and people who are willing to give it? There are some online dating sites that claim to be responsible for numerous marriages. I find this difficult to believe. If marriages have resulted from participation in online dating sites, could it be that the brides and grooms were just so relieved to find someone that they brought themselves to believe that it was THE one?

If you are lonely and the social scene does not work for you or has become stale in one way or another, are online dating sites your last resort? If so, then the scenario I described above in which the desperate are exchanging vows because they are afraid they might not get another chance gains some credibility. If you are considering joining online dating sites or services, I seriously suggest you ask yourself “why?” If you are unable to come up with a better answer than “what else is there?” you are setting yourself up for some serious disappointment.

If you do find someone and are sure that they are your one and only, take a step back and ask yourself why, if you are made for each other, you didn’t meet in the real world. Critics may say that online dating sites are dangerous. I would tend to agree but for possibly very different reasons. I would be concerned for anyone who buys into the idea of online dating sites because I think that it speaks to a loss of realistic thought. If you are one of the happy newlyweds brought together by such a service, you may very have found your match. For the vast majority of people dating online, this will not be the case and potential daters ought to think through these issues thoroughly before devoting their time, hearts, or money to such services.

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